“In pursuit of tradition and modernity…”

BEZZ is a manufacturer brand that came out of Bursa’s traditional textile environment with an architectural philosophy and a focus on novelty and quality.

Working in cooperation with home textile editors and furniture design brands, BEZZ takes artistic steps to combine innovation and aesthetics.

Our factory, which adopts the aesthetics of production as a principle and transforms natural effects into spirits of products with environmental awareness, is equipped with 140 cm and 280 cm width jacquard machines.

BEZZ has international references in the field of Contract with all its Operating Certificates and the ability to do product specifications that are valid in global standards.

To manufacture BEZZ products; we take our principles, research and development processes, user cooperation and melt them all in a pot with meticulous production techniques. This recipe creates our natural, eco-friendly products that race against time in terms of style, strength, and usability.