bezz studio

Research & Development

Bezz product development team works in a constant relationship with production and marketing teams. This team consists of different designers from all over the world that follows venue trends in determining themes and topics. Designs are guided and monitored by art directors. Stories are designed considering trends and market data.

Having inspiration from life itself, the Research and Development Department transforms the dreams into attractive, unexpected, delightful and beautiful creations and puts the created art down on paper. Bezz designs its products using all the existing techniques in textile.

To carry out the production of products outside its own production scope, Bezz partners with companies that will meet its standards and conditions, under the control and supervision of its own production managers. In production, an advanced quality control and traceability system is used in all processes, starting from the entry of raw yarn to the delivery of the product.

The research and development department is composed of talented designers, drafters and artists. Bezz Design Studio is fully computerized and has a fully equipped laboratory including a bump mapping technology to provide Bezz fabrics as textures to be used in 3D modeling programs. Any product in Bezz collections can be provided as textures for visualization in projects.

Bezz Tech

Bezz owns a state of the art jacquard weaving installation and preparation department. Fabrics can be provided in widths of 140 cm or 280 cm. BS/EN and ISO standards are used in Bezz fabrics and production. Production is controlled by testing in its own quality control laboratory. When different standards are required, Bezz works with independent international inspection laboratories.

Finishing applications such as flame retardant (FR) applications, back coating, oil/water/dirt repellent applications, anti-bacterial, anti-odor applications special chemicals can be applied if required. Environment-friendly chemicals and dyes used for Bezz fabrics belong to high technology firms and they are compliant with the world sanitary standards.  Bezz products are produced and quality-controlled based on international quality standards. All products have quality guarantee. Technical requirements according to the place of use are included in the production process, and by testing these technical features, difficulties that may be encountered in application are minimized. 

Long research and works are to build up the millions of colors of Bezz fabrics. All yarns are tested for conformity to production and standards before use, and have color traceability with lot numbers. There are 52 ready-made colors available for roll-dyed products. For yarn-dyed products, production can be made in desired colors by ordering minimum quantities. Advanced MRP programme used by Bezz, provides maximum monitoring and stabilization on production, planning, order, forwarding and payment. Production process is about 3 to 6 weeks.